The Germaican Allotment

A Unique Blend of German and Jamaican

Growing Water Melon and Pumpkin

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Rune growing nicely

Rune growing nicely

Edith growing nicely

Edith growing nicely

The opportunity to get ‘stuck in’ the allotment has not always presented itself over the past year. This has been primarily due to the arrival of our second child and subsequently all of our spare time has been essentially wiped out. Added to this, some additional working on the weekends and late nights and the whole allotment project has pretty much stalled for us. However, as the little ones are growing up and the work-life balance thingy is being addressed, we are hopeful that we will get back on course. Soon we will be back feverishly planting and harvesting bumper crops of our home-grown vegetables.

The German arm of this organisation is pretty good at…well organising.  So I expect I will be getting my work instructions imminently and I can’t wait to get back to working in the allotment, with our children ‘helping’ out. We love watching our little Water Melon and Pumpkin growing along with the crops in the allotment. Have a wonderful summer everyone!


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